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Project Description
A WPF control library with custom controls, panels and pixel shader effects. E.g. Color picker, editable slider, interaction controls for transforms, grayscale effect, pixelation effect, halftoning effect, dynamic wrap panel, zipper panel.

The Dotway.WPF control library is published "as is". It is a collection of controls that have been created by consultants at Dotway. Some are crated for education, others for testing functionality within the WPF framework.

Install Instructions
You need Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 installed. To be able to compile the effects (pixel shaders) you need DirectX and also a build tast addon to Visual Studio that will add a Build Action for effects. You will find the build task and effect template here: After these components are installed you will be able to compile the projects and run the sample application.
If you don't want to compile the effects you can unload the Effects project from the template and remove the effect samples from the sample application.

Use the libraries
If you don't want to compile or edit the code you can use the precompiled libraries found under Releases.

Screenshots of the sample application

A color picker, almost like the one in Expression Blend.

Controls for clicking, scaling, rotating and translating other controls. This control only encapsulates other controls.

A special slider e.g. used in the color picker. With a single click the value is editable in a textbox.

Pixel shader effect that will turn the controls into grayscale. There is a property that can set the level of desaturation.

This is a sine-wave pixel shader. It is also possible to interact with the controls even though they have been deformed a bit.

This pixel shader will pixelate your GUI. You can set the number of blocks in horizontal and vertical direction.

Halftone your GUI. This pixel shader will use amplitude modulated halftoning. There are settings for a set of different AM-levels.

A custom panel that works almost like UniformGrid. The difference is that this panel will Zoom out the controls at some level and the content of the panel will always be fitted inside the given area.

A custom panel that will order its children in a zipper way. A number of properties can be set to adjust the panel layout.

Go to the Releases tab for code download and installation instructions.
These controls are developed by Dotway. For more information about Dotway, visit

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